Capet Line Rug Cleaning specialized in cleaning all Oriental rug.

Our trained cleaners are updated on professionally clean your oriental rug.

If you own a true Oriental rug, you have acquired a piece of property that adds a unique aesthetic quality to any room in the home.

These pieces are ones made in the Orient in countries such as China or Vietnam.

The art began in the 1880’s, and true Oriental rugs are worth money.

If you own one, it is crucial that you take good care of it to maintain its value and appearance.

We provide complete, affordable, fast and professional oriental carpet cleaning for the entire New Jersey area.

Cleaning Process and Special Considerations

Keeping your Oriental rug clean is important.

However, these pieces require a special cleaning process in order to maintain their quality.

Making the investment in a professional cleaning company is one that will best ensure the longest life of your rug.

1. The pre-inspection is crucial:

During this time, our professional staff will come out your home of commercial space to identify your rug’s type and select the best cleaning formula that will be the most conducive toward a thorough clean.

2. It is our goal that your rug lasts as long as possible:

Our pre-spray process helps lift dirt, oil, and other grime that is known to accumulate on rugs over time. After these are lifted, a more complete cleaning can take place.

3. It is not unusual for your Oriental rug to develop an unpleasant aroma:

Carpet Line is able to eliminate these odors using our special antimicrobial deodorizer / sanitizer.

4. Technology is constantly innovating, and our new, high-tech equipment is available to best clean your Oriental rug:

You don’t have to invest in this machinery.

For a fraction of the cost, our professional cleaners will use the assets we already have on hand to ensure a deep, thorough cleaning

5. If your piece has fringes, our technicians can use specialized brushes to best clean deep soils and stains.

6. Specialized fans placed near the rug to decrease drying time. Hanging is never recommended as this can cause runs in the color.

Types of Oriental Rugs

There are two main types of Oriental rugs: hand-knotted and hand-woven. Hand-knotted rugs include Bokhara, Persian and Tribal, and they feature durability.

A large number of the hand-woven rugs are known as Kilim, and they vary in style, pattern, and technique.

Whichever type of rug you have, it is likely a prized possession and one that you are proud to display in a main room of your home due to its unique style and quality.

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