If the beautiful Oriental rug in your living room is in serious need of repair, you don’t have to fret.

Carpetline NJ is available to provide you with the efficient and reliable oriental repair service.

Oriental rugs refer to those that are hand knotted solely in Asia, whether in Nepal, Iran, China, Pakistan, Turkey, Tibet, Russia or India.

Persian rugs are also classified as Oriental rugs.

Those specific Oriental rugs are produced in Iran.

Common Oriental Rug Repairs

Oriental rugs frequently require repair when their edges become frayed and worn out looking.

If the end and sides of your Oriental rug are deteriorating and you wish to restore its formerly gorgeous and immaculate look, Carpetline can help you out.

Our company employs a number of different repair techniques for these purposes, and it’s always based on the specific rug.

Some Oriental rug repairs call for the addition of brand new fringes, for example, while others call for fringe extraction.

Our Oriental rug experts will carefully assess your rug in order to determine exactly which repair option is most appropriate.

Another common repair in Oriental rugs is the presence of unsightly holes. We repair holes in these rugs via a combination of foundation reconstruction and weaving methods.

We’re equipped with a handy weaving machine that helps us successfully perform our rug repairs.

Repair Time Frame

The specific time frame for Oriental rug repair services depends on exactly what needs to be done.

If your Persian rug has a lot of holes in it, it might require more or less time to repair than standard edge repair service, for example.

Despite that, we are extremely efficient and prompt in all of our rug repair services.

Our customers can typically expect to have their lovely Oriental rugs back looking as wonderful as ever within a span of merely seven days or so.

Rug Cleaning Service

Not only does our company offer dependable Oriental rug repair service, but we also offer Oriental rug cleaning service.

If you’re frustrated because your Oriental rug is looking a little dull and dirty these days, you don’t have to be.

We’ll have it looking fresh, clean and bright again in practically no time.

Call Us Today

If you’re interested in receiving any of our Oriental rug repair services, call us as soon as possible to get more information or to set up an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.

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