Oriental area rugs bring a touch of elegance to any room, and if cared for correctly, can be passed down form generation to generation.

To ensure that your fine Oriental rug lasts through the years, it’s best to have it professionally cleaned.

We are the leading experts in domestic and import rug cleaning.

Our team of experts is highly trained in the specific needs of cherished rugs. No matter how delicate your Oriental rug, take comfort in knowing it is in capable hands.

Free pick up & return when off premises cleaning is required.

Don’t trust your beautiful rug to any other cleaning service – let the experts handle the care and maintenance of your area rug for a lifetime of beauty and value.

Rugs that aren’t well-maintained will eventually lose their distinct color.

It’s only a matter of time when that rug of yours will be covered by soil and grime.

What can make the situation even more difficult is that the dirt and grime can soak deep through the rug fibers.

In situations like this, we all wish that we had a self-cleaning rug. For this and other similar situations, we will need to depend on companies that offer professional rug cleaning services.

Rug problems like spills, pet wastes and other damages happen all the time. Many rugs have a stain-resistant treatment that does not allow the spill to be absorbed into the rug right away, giving you a few minutes to start taking action. However, this doesn’t mean that you can just leave it there and do nothing about it.

Your rug should be cleaned at least twice a week. Your precious rugs need to be cleaned the proper way, so you should at least get an idea of how to do it right.

This is why you will need the services of professional cleaners. Rug should be cleaned frequently and properly.

If you own specific types of rugs, such as handmade Persian and Oriental rugs, antique rugs, as well as modern rugs, you’ll also need expert help.

Always keep in mind that the more expensive a rug, the more delicate it is. And of course, the more fragile the rug, the more you should think of hiring a professional rug cleaner to handle your cleaning problems.

Many certified rug cleaners provide home service for rugs that are too big or too heavy to take into their shops.

At Carpet Line, we will be happy to take care of your rugs, and it doesn’t matter whether they’re Persian, Oriental, or the ordinary ones.

Our company has been in the business for 25 years serving nj&ny.

The specialized rug cleaners of Carpet Line are trained extensively to cleanse those grime and dirt out of your carpets and rugs.

Aside from rug cleaning, we are also skilled and adept in the following services: carpet cleaning, carpet and rug dyeing, stain and odor removal, and fire and flood damage restoration among others.

So if you have problems with your rugs and carpets, feel free to call us anytime you need to!

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