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Water Damage Cleanup

Water Damage Cleanup

Carpet Line extracts water from homes that have been subject to flood damage. We separate flood damage into three different categories. Those categories are: External, Internal and Sewage. External damage can come from a number of exponents. Commonly those are natural disasters or non-direct sources. Internal can come from an appliance, a kitchen sink or a broken pipe. Sewage is typically, but not always, the result of a natural disaster.

After our expert extractors diagnose the situation, using powerful truck mounted equipment they extract the water. In all circumstances we sanitize and dry every area of contact. This prevents mildew, fungal and bacterial growth as well as dry rot. We also thoroughly clean and dry under floors and behind walls. For carpets we we use premier hot water extraction and steam cleaning equipment; we provide dry carpet-cleaning solutions with very low moisture (VLM) systems, biodegradable dirt absorbing compounds, encapsulation, dry foam carpet cleaning and rotary shampooing.

Basic Flood Cleanup Process:

Carpet Water Damage Service

Extracting the water from the carpet while drying up the carpet while dehumidifying the air

1) Initial Sanitation: We sanitize the damaged area using Special Anti-Bacterial Material. This material will also allow us to easily vacuum the fungus and the mold.
2) Water Extraction / Drying: At this slow process we merely extract all the trapped water using large pumps. Then, vents and heaters are used to dry up the the room.
3) 2nd Sanitation: Once the room is dried up, We spread a second coat of anti-bacterial material.
4) Air Dehumidifying: We use air dehumidifiers and blowers to reduce the air humidity to 0. The air humidity is created by the heaters and by the standing water. At this process we are able to get rid of the bad odor too.
5) Cleaning: Deep Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Steam Cleaning, Shampooing, Deodorizing – You name it! We make sure the space is restored to its clean conditions. If needed, we even paint the walls with a special anti-mold paint.
6) Final Sanitation: Once the room is cleaned, We spread the last coat of anti-bacterial material, to ensure that the mold doesn’t grow back

Our flood damage services include:

  • Expert external, internal and sewage extraction
  • Hot water extraction
  • Steam cleaning
  • Dry-cleaning
  • Dry compound cleaning
  • Drying of all areas
  • Shampooing
  • Dry foam carpet cleaning
  • Carpet rinsing
  • Carpet dying
  • Stain and odor removal